New desks for Hopeful Haven – Uganda

The Hopeful Haven community initiative is based in Acholi Quarters and is run by members of the Lubanga Ber co-operative, which CRED has been linked to for several years.

Hopeful Haven provides informal educational opportunities for some of the children who are unable to attend mainstream school, because they can’t afford to pay for the school fees or educational materials that are required. Twenty children gather in the morning, and another twenty gather in the afternoon, and, with oversight from ‘teacher’ Miriam, they learn their letters, numbers, simple words, and even just skills as basic as how to hold a pencil.

The facilities are very basic, and they all meet in the one room. The only furniture is simple benches, that serve both as something to sit on, and also as a desk when the children are doing writing. But recently Miriam contacted CRED to say that the benches that broken through so much use, and so the children were all having to work on the floor.

Thanks to a donation from CRED supporters, we were able to send out money to allow them to get new desks for the children, and even better was the fact that the desks were made by local carpenter John, who is himself a member of Lubanga Ber. So, adults as well as children benefited 🙂

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