Lockdown in Uganda

While many parts of the world are reopening, Uganda has closed up due to the rapid and alarming increase of COVID-19 infections and deaths in the country. The spread of the virus as well as the strict lockdown measures implemented to stop the spread, are having damaging effects on Refugees, Internally Displaced Persons and the most Vulnerable. Public transport has been halted, schools closed, private vehicles are not allowed on the roads unless given a special permit, strict curfews (5:30am to 7pm) have been implemented, hospitals are overflowing with patients and more. This past month the suicide rates in the refugee settlement have increased by 89%.  Hope is fading. Many of those whom we serve via ILA and NNF, our Ugandan partners, live from hand to mouth. Without the ability to move freely to and from work, many are struggling to find food for their families.

We can change this!

Hope is needed now.

Food, soap, awareness and Psychosocial Support is urgently needed now.

Donations given will be going towards to provide emergency support in the follow ways:

– Food Packages (rice, maize, beans, cooking oil, salt and sugar)

-Soap, sanitizer, masks, gloves, handwashing facilities

-Mental health support to families and individuals impacted by COVID19 and lockdown measures

-Radio programs to a wide spread audience about mental health support, restore hope and awareness during COVID19 and lockdown

-Collaborative programs with other agencies serving our communities for greater reach and impact

Your support will help us bring hope to so many in Uganda!

To make a donation towards this work please go to https://www.totalgiving.co.uk/mypage/acholilockdown

Harriet, from Acholi Quarters, explains what life is like in lockdown

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