New Skills and Opportunities for Chisomo ‘graduates’ – part 1

Children can end up living on the streets for all sorts of reasons, most of them not of their own making. And whilst on the streets, life can feel pretty bleak. But thanks to the input from Chisomo, street children in Lusaka, Zambia, are getting access to new opportunities and new hope.

Here we meet some of the older young people, who having moved from the streets to the Chisomo Shelter, and thus been able to go to school, are now looking forward to new opportunities.

The Shelter is a ‘half way house’ for children who want to permanently leave the streets, but aren’t able to return home. Whilst living at the Shelter, they are able to go to school, thanks to sponsorship and financial donations. This in itself is a source of great hope for the children, as the financial donations are an indication that the children aren’t forgotten or that no-one cares, and the access to education is the first step towards working their way out of poverty.

After secondary, or high school, the young people might look for work, or sometimes they are lucky enough to get further sponsorship to attend tertiary education.

This is the case for these three young people – names withheld for confidentiality. All 3 are ex-Chisomo Shelter residents, and all 3 are now enrolled in further education instiutions. One is studying Bio-medical Science, one is pursuing a career in Science Laboratory Technology, and one is studying Automotive Engineering. Exciting times for all three, and far removed from the fear-filled, lonely nights of their youth when they were living on the streets and not sure where the next meal might be found or scavenged.

CRED Foundation wishes all three young people the very best in their studies.

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