AHISDO – giving children new hope

AHISDO is a community-based organisation that serves one of the poorest communities in Addis Ababa. It provides educational support packages to some of the neediest children, does ‘food on foot’ parcels for the housebound elderly, runs a weekday lunch club for the mobile elderly, hosts after-school homework clubs, and has a youth centre that gives the young people a safe space to ‘hang out’ in the evenings, and access to mentors and supportive adult role-models.

Once a year, there is opportunity for new children to join the programme of education support – either as other children get to the end of their schooling, or occassionally if a family’s situation improves such that they no longer need the external financial input.

That point of the year has just happened, and AHISDO staff are delighted to share with CRED supporters the photos of the children who have been given new hope, and access to much longed for education. Names are not included for safeguarding reasons.

NB, If you would like to help another child access education, then just contact CRED Foundation for further information.

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