Christmas video

It’s been a bit of a year hasn’t it! This time last year none of us had any idea quite how 2020 was going to turn out, which is probably just as well! But, we’ve come through it, and there are signs of hope on the horizon 🙂

Not surprisingly it’s been a tough year for our partners as well, with a range of challenges to face linked to how Coronavirus has impacted their relevant nations. For some the virus has been very evident, for others it was the impact of fear and lockdown that had a greater effect, with no furlough schemes to fall back on as a means of getting some income when work dried up.

So the generous donations that have come in from across the CRED supporter base have been so wonderful and heartwarming to see. The money has helped provide access to food for thousands of people, and all of the CRED partners have benefitted in some way. It has been humbling to part of the process, and on behalf of all the CRED Partners, we would like to say a massive thank you.

NB donations have been sent based on instructions from donors regarding which partner to send them to. Any non-ringfenced donations were split between partners based on an outline of their needs.

To show their thanks, and to wish you all a very Happy Christmas, a compilation video of messages from the CRED Partners has been put together, and you can see it by clicking here.

If you want to see the extended version, click here

Wishing you all a peace-filled Christmas, and our best wishes for 2021.

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