Black Lives Matter – CRED statement

Greetings friends,

As Chairman of CRED Foundation, a Christian organisation, I find myself deeply troubled by the recent events in the United States and across the globe in the aftermath of the of death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.  The insidious evil of racism stalks the world, as dangerous and as debilitating as any virus; it gnaws away at the very fabric of communities and nations in both the developed and developing world, and such is the danger that it poses that it must vigorously opposed in every circumstance in which it rears its ugly head.

CRED Foundation holds firm to the Biblical principle that all human beings are created in the image of God and in that have a special value in His eyes – there is no division by race or ethnicity.  As an organisation we work with, and support, projects from diverse racial backgrounds; we receive support from donors from diverse racial backgrounds.  Therefore, we are proud, as an organisation, to celebrate the communities and individuals we work with, because they are individuals loved by God and He sees neither the colour of their skin nor the ethnic background from which they come; He simply sees them all as His children.

We will continue as an organisation, through the work we do, to zealously oppose racism and racist behaviour, to promote equality for all and to always value all those to whom we minister.  All lives matter to us, because all lives matter to God.

Simon Wareham, Chair of Trustees

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