Thank you smiles from Acholi Quarters

Thanks to generous donations from CRED Supporters, we were recently able to send out some money for food to the Lubanga Ber community-cooperative that we work with in Acholi Quarters, Kampala, Uganda.

The members of the cooperative were struggling with lack of income, due to the restrictions imposed by the government, relating to COVID-19. Before the restrictions, their income, albeit meagre and intermittent, had been through portering and selling at the market, bicycle taxi’s, working in kitchens at restaurants, manual labour on building projects etc. But all of that stopped the day that the restrictions were imposed, and there is no welfare system in Uganda to fall back on.

So, as the income dried up, so the ability to buy food also diminished, and things were getting dire. Most of the families at best live on two meals a day, with the children gaining some extra food through school meals. The closing of the schools just added to the problems.

But thanks to the generosity of CRED Supporters, the situation has improved, and we have been able to send enough money to ensure that every family can have food on the table for three weeks.

And when those three weeks are up – well we hope by then that further donations will mean that we have more money we can send out.

The members of the Lubanga Ber co-operative sent back photos of thanks, plus the following message: ‘Thank you so much for the greatest support you have given unto us. We don’t know how to repay you all, but we pray that the Almighty God bless you. Everybody is so happy!’

It’s not too late to make a donation to support the work of CRED Partners, in Acholi Quarters and in other countries.

Either go to: to make a donation online, or contact Helen for bank details.

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