AfriDACA 2019, packed and ready to go

A team of 10 students and 2 staff from Darwen Aldridge Community Academy are about to embark on a CRED Team trip to Uganda. Whilst there, they will run an educational activity week for the children in Acholi Quarters, Kampala, and also do some activities with a nursery school in rural Mityana.

For most of the team this will be the first time that they have been to Uganda, and they are all very excited to be almost there. Lots of hard work has gone into getting to this stage – through fundraising, preparation of activities and gathering of resources.

The team are very grateful to all family, friends, colleagues, students and members of the local community who have supported their efforts in any way, and look forward to being able to share about their adventures when they return

The team will be led by CRED Team leaders Helen and Zac, and has been organised by Adventures Lifesigns.


  1. Chantel ibbetson

    Well done yuys and have a safe trip

    • Tee, nic, em, Sia, ez , gee, chlo, soph Xx

      Hope you all got there safely. Hi Meg, it’s all the girls we miss you lots and hope you’re doing well. Races were good but everyone’s skint now ahahah love you lots Xx

      • Hi Meg,

        I hope you had a safe flight and enjoying yourself. I’m so proud in what you’re doing!

        Missing you loads

        Love Lewis xx

  2. wishing CoCo a safe arrival to Kenya x

  3. My lover! My true! Del!! <3 I'm going to miss you darling. One day without you is a day not worth living. It's like the rocks have all fallen into the ocean. Have a good time! I can't wait to smother you with kisses amongst your return xxxxxoxoxoxoxoxoxodoxxoxxx

  4. You have to go to Africa and I don’t hoho

    • Have a safe journey everyone! Alice Domino has been in a bad mood since you went and is missing you already!!!!

      • Courtney I hope you have arrived safe woman, hamza bought me some chocolate to make up for being rude this week hahahah

  5. Have a safe journey jade meg and everyone else. Xxxx

  6. Have a safe journey Lauren and crew. See you soon

    • I hope you’re having a good journey and all arrive safely! 🙂

      • Melanie Rawcliffe

        The flight has landed in Entebbe according to flightradar tracking so hopefully they’ve arrived safely as long as didn’t miss flight with the Manchester to Dubai being delayed

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