“There is no doubt that these trips have made a huge difference to the children who have been lucky enough to have taken part. Not only do they return all the richer in heart and soul from the experience but they have the genuine joy of having made a difference to people far less fortunate than themselves. I have no hesitation whatsoever in strongly recommending this venture with CRED Foundation to any School Head.”

Richard Foster – Headmaster, Windlesham House School

“The trips are transformational and have enhanced the life chances of many of the young people who have participated. The unique selling point of a CRED trip is the humanitarian element of the trip that allows youngsters from the UK to compare lifestyles and cultures that differ from their own.”

Jayne Wilson – Head teacher, Littlehampton Community School / West Sussex Advisory Teacher

We’re really pleased to offer an experience that will be of huge benefit to your pupils and to your school, and one that is quite different to what other Trip Providers offer.

  1. We’re a Charity first, and the long term development of our Partners is our bottom line.
  2. Even so, we’re strongly committed to the development of our Participants, and invest a lot of time in getting to know them and investing in them before and during the delivery. in advance of the Trip, encouraging reflection, and developing skills.
  3. This is not an ‘Adventure Holiday’: the adventure is being personally involved in a community, in using and developing skills, and learning about yourself. Participants witness poverty and great need whilst being inspired by those who combat it, and inspired by the riches of a very different culture.

The Learning Objectives that we apply to all CRED Trips can be summarized as follows:

  • All – Gain a cultural experience, and increased knowledge and understanding of the country visited.
  • Most – Develop a greater depth of knowledge and understanding of how their actions impact on those that they teach. They actively plan and deliver meaningful lessons and activities in line with the requirements of their hosts.
  • Some – Embrace global citizenship and use their experiences to help shape and influence both their own futures, and those that they work with at home and in the host country.

For more information on CRED Team Trips click here for the CRED Team Trips website.

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