Who We Are


Paul Sanderson MBE – Chair of Trustees

I am Chaplain of The Littlehampton Academy a Woodard School. I am married to Heather and we have four children, Zack, Levi, Honor and Promise. I have worked with children and young people in West Sussex since 1996. I led the first CRED team trip to Ethiopia in 2007 and since then I’ve taken 16 teams of adults and young people to run activity weeks around the world.

In my spare time I follow West Ham United through thick and thin, chair the team of trustees and do DIY to escape. I am also a trustee of the Body Shop Foundation and chair the local Littlehampton Seedbed team. I was awarded an MBE by the Queen in 2006.

Steve Bridgeman

Married with four children between 15 and 24, I teach languages in further, higher and adult education and privately. I’ve been a Christian for 38 years since I was 15 and have been involved in youth work, worship leading and church leadership, in the UK and France. I love it when justice and worship collide.

Linda Edmondson

Linda is passionate about transforming communities to reduce the burdens of poverty, inequality and environmental harm. She believes in ingenuity, collaboration, sustainability, celebrating what we all have in common and learning from each other. Linda is a Christian but has a collaborative approach to faith and spirituality, having grown up in Coventry, UK through the post-war decades of reconciliation, multiculturalism and transformation.

A professional communicator, particularly involved in medical education and science, Linda also writes creatively, telling the stories of people who overcome. She has links with international development, both through publications and academia, and hopes to serve CRED in whatever is needed.

Previously, Linda was a Committee Member and Chairman of Littlehampton Swimming Club. Her period of service started when the club had few members and depleted resources. Within 2 years of Chairmanship, through working with an active team, the club transformed into a financially solvent, business-focused, successful and most importantly happy organization.

Jim Fenlon

I currently work as a Pastoral Leader at Worthing High School – a job that I have been doing for 3 years and thoroughly enjoy. My background is in youth work and education. I worked as a youth worker for the Methodist Church in Liverpool for 3 years before getting a job as a Behaviour support assistant at Littlehampton Community School. After 1 year of this they let me out for good behaviour and I went over to the learning support department.

I have a real passion for travelling and working with young people. My travelling started when I left school after A levels and spent 3 months working in a rural village in Tanzania. Since that time I have done a number of trips through Spurgeons to Kenya, Ethiopia, Mexico and India with Paul and later CRED. I have also travelled to Romania with a church in Chester. Throughout all these trips I have developed a real passion for getting alongside and supporting communities that are often marginalised by others and raising awareness in both their own country and also in the UK by enabling young people to experience these things and then taking their experiences back home and influencing their families, friends and communities.

Ryan Field

I am a Special Support Assistant at The Littlehampton Academy and a youth worker for Arun Church and Arun Youth Projects. I have seen my life transformed since travelling to Romania in 2015 to work with the Roma Gypsy community and have developed a huge passion for helping to transform other people’s lives. I have since returned to Romania and travelled to Uganda with CRED and know that I will spend the rest of my life travelling the world to get alongside communities and serve them in whatever way I can.

I have a great passion for football, supporting Brighton and Hove Albion and helping to manage and occasionally play (badly) for my local team!

Alison Groves

I have a professional background in PE and school sport. Having taught PE for 15 years in 2 comprehensive schools in Worthing I then moved to work at Angmering as part of the southern area school sport partnership. I remained in this post for a further 14 years supporting teaching and learning of PE in primary schools as well as organising a plethora of competitions for pupils aged 7 – 16.

In October 2015 I made a conscious decision to leave Angmering with the intention of making a significant career change. I have always had a passion for poor and disadvantaged communities and taken opportunities to travel to developing countries either as a volunteer or in a professional capacity. To date I have worked in an orphanage in China (ICC), with teachers in Iraq (British Council) taken young leaders to Kibera Kenya (with CRED) and most recently volunteered in Nomsama Township – South Africa.

It was my latest trip to South Africa which confirmed that I wanted to use expertise from the UK to make “more of a difference” in developing countries. Ideally, I would like to support education development (or similar). I am far from achieving my dream at the moment but I welcome the opportunity of acting as trustee for CRED which gives me valuable experience and also support a worthwhile and highly respected Christian organisation.

Simon Wareham

I have been a Trustee of CRED since November 2014. I first came into contact with CRED when Paul came to a service to our church to talk about a CRED project and potential trip to Zambia in 2009. I thought to myself now that¹s something amazing, I would like to be involved with something like that. The opportunity to go on a CRED trip to Ethiopia then came my way in 2010 and it was a mind bending, life impacting event, getting up close with the wonderful people of that very special country. I then returned to Ethiopia for the following three years taking CRED trips to work with our partners there.

As my day job I am a risk manager working for LV= the insurance company with the big green heart! I have worked for them for the last five years and prior to that I worked most of my working career for Barclays.

Outside of work I am church warden at St Andrew¹s Kinson in Bournemouth, where I lead worship and preach. I am married to my wonderful wife Sue, who is playgroup manager and we have four brilliant, beautiful daughters who range between 27 (nearly) and 20, the eldest, Hannah, is a CRED team trip leader who has been to Thailand, India, Ethiopia and Uganda with CRED. Two of the girls still live at home with us the other two live in London and Bristol. When I get spare time I run, I enjoy photography and sharing a walk and a coffee with my wife.


Helen Harrison – Operations Manager

I have had extensive experience in leading and organising team trips to different locations around the world, some of that even before joining CRED on 2009 as I previously have worked with a number of international agencies. I now co-ordinate and organise the logistics for all of our current teams, as well as taking a lead role in CRED Partner support and delivering trips as a Trip Leader.

I have run teams to, and visited all the CRED Partners, so I know very well just how inspirational they all are. I am an active member of Thornbury Baptist Church and also find the time to be a local councillor and a school governor. I unwind by gardening, baking and to keep fit I enjoy all the triathlon disciplines, or a visit to the gym if the weather is really bad!

Clare Seek – Finance Manager

I have worked with CRED since 2008, intially as a trustee and more recently as Finance Manager, and now deal with all things financial and HR. Growing up as a young child in Africa gave me a good grounding in seeing myself as a part of a global community and my passion for justice, community and the environment has grown stronger ever since.

I’m proud to work for CRED and love to see lives changed across the globe, knowing that all the parts we play have an impact. In the rest of my life I have great fun with my young kids; love living by the sea and eliminating plastic from our lives.

Greg Valerio MBE

Founder of CRED Foundation in 1991, and then CRED Jewellery in 1996, Greg remains fully involved in the pursuit of providing truly fair-trade, sustainable and ethical jewellery choices, as well as campaigning for the rights of marginalized communities within the mining industry.

In 2010 with US ethical jeweller Marc Choyt, he co-founded FJA whose aim is to make ethically sourced jewellery the only moral choice for consumer and supplier. FJA enables jewellers and jewellery businesses to commit to transparency and traceability in the jewellery supply chain from source to product. It also acts as a voice to marginalised communities who are effected by injustices around mining as a whole. Awarded MBE in 2016 for services to Fairtrade Gold and artisanal gold mining communities.

He is happily married to Ruth with two girls. His personal interests and practices are enjoying his Triumph Bonneville, Sea Kyacking, researching and practicing indigenous Celtic Christian spirituality and living as simple a life as is possible given his love of Indian food.

Terry Garde

Aged 64, born, raised and lived mostly in Zimbabwe, except for my studies in Mining Engineering at the University of the Witwatersrand in South Africa. After graduation I returned home and worked in the base metal sector of the mining industry, and then lectured at the University of Zimbabwe. During this time I married Barbara and we raised four successful young adults; now scatteredover three different continents.

I co-founded a mining and smelting company in Zimbabwe, Maranatha Ferrochrome in the mid-nineties, where I encountered artisanal miners. As well becoming an elder in a Baptist Church in Harare, I received my Master’s degree in management and leadership. Due to the economic situation Maranatha folded and I spent a couple of years in Afghanistan as an advisor in the Ministry of Mines, whilst Barbara taught in Kent.

We relocated to Oxford in 2011 where I am now a research student at the Oxford Centre for Mission Studies, with artisanal gold mining in East Africa as my PhD case study. I am a trustee of the International Miners’ Mission and have started an outreach/pastoral ministry in Kenya: Miner to Miner Ministries. I am a consultant to Fairtrade Gold and to the CRED Foundation involved in commissioning mercury-free appropriate technology for artisanal gold miners. Barbara and I became grandparents early in 2016 and to add to the challenges of life I am a supporter of the Wasps rugby team.

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